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Les Grottes du Régulus


Guided tours

A period of three-quarters of an hour, they allow to discover the story of Meschers’ cliffs from the origin to our times.
During this travel, the long and the short history to meet sometimes the legend…

  • To our English, German, Dutch, Spanish and Italians friends, written translations are available. Touchscreen tablets are available for deaf and hard of hearing.
  • Touch tablets available to the deaf and hard of hearing.

Thematics which are broach



Between 140 to 65 million years (at the cretaceous), our latitudes were lulling by a tropical climate, waters used to cover our region. Meschers was under a shallow sea where was living many animal and plants species. At their death, shells and skeletons settled at this seabed. This finish to form a sedimentary pile. The cliffs still underwater are borned. With glaciations periods, we will have to wait the end of tertiary and quaternary era in order to water withdraw and finally the limestone cliffs of Meschers appearing openly.

Estuary of Gironde

It begins to Bec d’Ambès and finish to the points of Suzac and Grave. 75 km long, 12 km large at his maximum (in terms of Mortagne) and around 635 km², the estuary of Gironde is the greater estuary of Europe. It is also the only estuary of France where two rivers plunge into (Dordogne and Garonne).


Peach in the estuary

The meager (maigre) and his grunts, the small (pibale) or civelle (elver) and his amazing journey since the sea of Sargasses but also the European sturgeon which once we are producing the « caviar d’Aquitaine » and today his protection program.


Restaurant of Fontaines

Former open-air café which was receiving at the XIX century the middle class in holiday on our coasts where the first sea bathing has grow.

The Man and the cliff

The Man and the Meschers's cliff

Used like refuge by the Protestants « michelais » during religions wars, it’s at the end of XIX century that womens and mens are coming settle for a long period. At this moment, we speak about troglodytic’s caves. The reconstruction of an accommodation and many post cards elders allow to understand the lifestyles. It is based on a convenience rural economy.

The fishing net

The fishing net on pontoon

That stranges' huts which populate our coasts.

The history of Regulus

This model made dream small and big people.


The legend of Cadet

The legend of Cadetby means of his goat which is name Belin, during storms, are prompting sinking of the ships passing offshore our cliffs. The shipwreckers, myth or reality?